Babycakes Pie Pop Maker Bakes Pies On A Stick

Everything is easier to eat on a stick.  From hotdogs to shrimps to donuts to pop tarts, putting things you put in your mouth on a stick has always made life better.  And with the Babycakes Pie Pop Maker, enjoying a pie for dessert has made the inevitable leap to awesomeness.

Good pie is sublime.  Putting good pie on a stick makes me want to cry tears of joy.  And that’s exactly what happened when I saw what this amazing kitchen appliance can produce — tiny round pies skewered onto a stick that you can eat with no spoon, no fork and no plates.  It’s like magic.

The Babycakes Pie Pop Maker is a 750-watt baking tool that can crank out six bite-sized pies on a stick in four minutes or less.  You don’t even need to skewer that stick onto the pie after baking — you put everything together and the pie is fastened onto it as soon as the cooking is done.  It’s small, too, allowing you to sit this right on your work desk for impromptu pie-on-a-sticks whenever the heck you feel like it.  Of course, you’ll need to have the crust mix and fillings waiting in your drawer, but it’s still amazing.

Cooking is as simple as making two round crusts, laying down filling and a stick between them, and throwing the assembly onto the machine’s nonstick cooking pods.  Close down the clamshell lid (waffle maker style), wait for the lights to alert you it’s done and pluck ’em out for ready eating.  Mmm…

Amazon has the Babycakes Pie Pop Maker priced at $24.95.