Use The Back Attack Pack To Pepper Spray Bears While You Run Away


It doesn’t matter how many wrestling championships you took home in high school and college, grappling with grizzlies is always a horrible idea. When a bear attacks, you run – it’s the only recourse. And while running won’t keep the bear from chasing after you, even the angriest beasts can be slowed down if you’re duly armed with this Back Attack Pack.

Made by UDAP, it’s a backpack attachment designed to hold one of the company’s bear sprays (a high-grade, higher-concentrate version of the traditional self-defense spray ladies carry around), with an integrated release mechanism that allows you to activate the spray on the animal behind you while you sprint for your life. That way, you can immobilize the animal even for a short while, improving your chances of getting away and finding safety.


The Back Attack Pack can strap onto any size of backpack, so you can pair it with any of your favorite bags, whether you’re off for a day hike, a weekend climb, or an extended camping trip. To engage the mace, simply pull the orange shoulder strap to expose the release-ball and tug on that. The mace will keep on shooting its contents as long as the release-ball stays pulled, so you can do quick tugs to release small increments or keep it pulled to unleash a continuous fog. Because the spray is always armed and pointed at whatever is behind you, you should be able to use it, whether you’re sitting, standing, or even lying on your stomach.

Available now, the UDAP Back Attack Pack is priced at $149.99.

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