Backpack Bed: Sleep Like A Boss… Even In The Streets

A "swag," as it turns out, is an Australian term for portable outdoor sleeping units. You know, the kind you'll bring along for a weekend camping. And this Backpack Bed bills itself as the "most intelligently designed" swag in the world.

Billed as "extreme outdoor bedding," the durable sleeping bag comes in two styles: a homeless version (with some extras removed) and a regular version for folks who want to use it for outdoor activities. Oh yeah, you read the "homeless" version right. They're not selling directly to people in the streets, but those feeling charitable can order one, which will then be added to the swags they're distributing to Aussies who make their homes in the pavement.

As the name implies, the Backpack Bed is a sleeping bag that can fold into an easy-to-carry rucksack, making it convenient for people in a constant move. It has a top layer constructed from Ultrex Lite, a fabric that boasts seven times better waterproofing than regular canvas (note: the homeless version only gets five times better waterproofing). To make sure water doesn't seep in, the bag features sealed seams, which have also been double stitched for extra durability. And water isn't the only thing it brushes off -- wind chills, fires, mildew and UV rays are all kept out with equal disdain.

For back comfort, it comes with an integrated EVA foam comfort mattress that measures 6 feet and 2 inches long. Like the cover, it's water-repellant, fire-retardant and mildew-resistant, apart from being perfectly swell to sleep on even when laid on hard concrete. Other features include 3 built-in ropes (so you can raise the roof and walls), peg loops on the corners, a pair of wind clips, a lockable internal pocket and three outside storage pockets (when in backpack form).

The Backpack Bed homeless version comes in green, with the standard model decked in Ferrari red. Price is AUD$68 for the homeless version and AUD$199 for the regular model.

[Swags For Homeless]