Backtacular Seals The Crack Peeking Over Your Jeans

Low rise jeans make you look sexy, but it also shows me your buttcrack in all its glory. Cover it up with the Kimberlily Backtacular, a decorative denim patch designed to cover your peeking backside. BTW, I am also laughing as I am writing about this product. Its more weird than cool.

Kimberlily describes the Backtacular as a “gluteal cleft patch,” which is way classier than “crack cover” or “butt sticker,” like I would have called it. Made from denim, it’s hypoallergenic and shouldn’t look too out of place while wearing your low-rise jeans. The patch itself comes in a single shape, although it’s offered in various bedazzled decorations, including stars, butterflies and hearts. It uses an adhesive backside to adhere to your…erm…backside, with each pack including two replacement stickers.

We’re not sure how often you can reuse that sticky back panel, but I imagine you should be able to substitute double-sided tape when it no longer holds. Of course, you can always just use regular stickers with funky designs to do the same thing, but this does look only half as tacky.

The Backtacular is available for $14.99.

[Kimberlily via Geekologie]