How To Sleep Next To Your Beloved Firearm


Afraid of zombies coming out of the shadows while you’re sleeping?  Or maybe just threatened by a recent string of burglary in the neighborhood?  Don’t get scared, get ready with the Shotgun Backup, a firearm rack designed to sit right at the side of your bed.  That way, all you have to do is reach out, cock and fire when you hear rustling at 3 in the morning.  Then, you can go back to sleep and worry about what you just shot later.

Most people rightfully keep their shotguns at less conspicuous places – under the bed, inside the closet or right on top of a shelf.  That keeps nasty accidents from happening, especially when you have kids around the house.  However, it also makes your double-barrel harder to access when you’re in bed, which is when burglars, aliens and werewolves normally perform their nasty deeds.


The Shotgun Backup looks to remedy this problem by providing an easy-to-access spot to park your weapon while you sleep.   It can install on either side of the bed and can fit any legal shotgun measuring 15 to 24 inches in length.  Worried it might scratch your polished-to-a-spit, gold-plated, limited-edition scattergun?  Not a problem, as the rack uses a special polymer material that won’t damage your beloved firearm.

If you’ve got a different weapon of choice, you may be able to use the rack to fit it too, provided it’s along the same length and diameter as conventional shotguns in the market.  While I’m not sure about a baseball bat, a hacksaw for chopping off zombie heads looks perfectly-suited.  Rocket launchers…ummm…probably not.

You can get the Shotgun Backup for $39.95.

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