This Service Lets You Order A Customizable, Prefab Studio For The Backyard


Got a wide swath of space in the back of your house, don’t want to leave it bare and unoccupied? Sure, you can lay out some outdoor furniture to liven up the space, but it really would be awesome if you can build an entire room in there. The Backyard Room lets you do that without the hassle of serious home renovations.

An Australian-based prefab room system, they let you design and order a custom room online that they then build, transport, and install right on your backyard. Whether you want to add a workshop, a pool house, or a private office in the back, these guys have you covered, complete with any personal touches you want to add.


The Backyard Room offers five standard designs, ranging in lot area from 57 to 244 square feet. Each one comes bearing standard amenities like sliding doors, double-glazed windows, metal roofing with PVC downpipes, integrated electrical and lighting, and proper insulation on walls, floors, and ceiling, with numerous available upgrades, including wall heaters, air-conditioning, solar panels, and garden roofs.


They offer a web app for designing your custom layout, which an architect will take and draw up into a proper design. You will be contacted to agree on a final design, after which it will be built offsite for around six weeks. From there, you just wait around a week or two for installation.

Available strictly in Australia, pricing for the Backyard Room starts at $15,000.

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