Bacon Clothesline Gives Your Thin Slices Of Pork Belly The Showcase Platform They Deserve

If you pay attention to food-related stuff on news and socials, chances are, you’ve heard of celebrity chef David Burke and the fancy maple-glazed bacon he serves hanging from a miniature clothesline at one of his restaurants. It’s quite a sight to behold. So why not make your own at home? While we doubt you can replicate the taste of that fancy candied bacon, we imagine you can also do a lot of similarly delicious things that are just as fun to behold with your own Bacon Clothesline.

That’s right, somebody took that brilliant idea and made an accessory that allows you to serve your own bacon in a similar way. By similar, we mean, showing off the bacon you cooked in that Bacon Express by hanging them on miniature clothesline using clips. Is bacon more delicious this way? We don’t know. Is it more fun? Of course, it is. We mean, just look at the darn thing.

The Bacon Clothesline is, basically, a food serving rack that hangs up to five slices of bacon vertically, essentially giving you a platform to give your thin slices of pork belly the showcase they deserve. It consists of a wooden base with two upright poles on either end that are connected by a metal pole near the top. That metal pole comes with five integrated metal clips that you can use to mount your bacon like they’re socks you’re air-drying after doing a batch of laundry.

According to the outfit, they use metal instead of wood for the clips to make cleanup easier, since bacon grease will probably be a pain to clean from your usual wood and plastic clips. Of course, you’ll probably also get grease on that wooden base (bacon is dripping in it), so you may want to put a tray or some tissues on there to keep it from soaking in sticky bacon grease.

The Bacon Clothesline is available now.

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