Bacon-Flavored Mmmvelopes Make Life Tasty For Paper-Stuffing Interns


Life is hell for interns, especially when you’re stuck having to lick and seal envelopes for the company’s snail mail campaigns.  If you want your underpaid workforce to embrace envelope-stuffing like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world, you can try switching to Mmmvelopes, the best-tasting mailers this side of planet Earth.

With bacon-flavored adhesive in place of regular envelope glue, your interns will spend restless nights looking forward to their morning duties.  Watch that stack of invitations for next month’s event disappear in a jiffy, as your interns battle for the right to lick those tasty paper casings.

Created by J&D Foods, the bacon-flavored Mmmvelopes rightly make the case that anything you lick has to taste halfway decent.  It mimics the looks and color of bacon, too.  How man has survived for thousands of years licking what amounts to the sensation of a barely washed armpit is truly odd, indeed.

According to the company, it’s not real bacon on your envelopes, so you don’t have to refrigerate it to preserve the excellent flavor.  Just make sure your interns don’t siphon off all the adhesive.  They’re supposed to help seal it, not eat it.

The Mmmvelopes are available, along with an entire line of bacon-flavored products, directly from the company’s website.  You can get a pack of 25 for $7.

[Mmmvelopes via Uncrate ]