Baconkit Has Everything You Need To Make Bacon At Home

You eat too much bacon.  And you still can’t get enough.  Might as well surrender to the bacon and make your own at home.  If you have no idea how that’s done, better get the Baconkit.

No need to scour local stores to compile the right tools for making your own bacon: just pick up a kit and you’re immediately ready to turn out your own fresh strips of delicious, fatty meat.  Well, provided you didn’t forget to buy the pork belly.  You did get the pork belly, right?  Oh yeah, you also need either an oven, a grill or a smoker, as well as a knife (yes, those gorgeous Pearce Knives will do) to cut it into strips, but we’re assuming you already have those.

Each Baconkit contains one curing bag, curing solution, maple sugar, a thermometer, and a sheet listing full instructions.  Every set has enough stuff to produce five pounds of homemade maple bacon, which, depending on how much bacon you consume at home, will probably last you anywhere from a day to a week.  Or a single afternoon if you live with those guys who make that Epic Meal Time show on YouTube.

If you prefer basic cured bacon, just ditch the maple and use everything else as intended.  And since you’re making it fresh, your bacon will be way better than anything you can pick up from a grocery freezer — no shriveling, no shrinking and no releasing gobs of water when you cook it.

Baconkit is available now, priced at $16.99.

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