Badass LEGO Guns Book Shows You How To Build Novelty Weapons From Toy Bricks

We heard there’s a lot of money in building weapons for the underground market.  Get your kids started on that lucrative career path early with Badass LEGO Guns, a how-to volume that shows you how to build working weapons using interlocking toy bricks.

Created by Martin Hudepohl, the book supplies detailed instructions for putting together a variety of handheld guns using a robust supply of LEGO Techniq parts, a few rubber bands, some sanding work and a tub of Krazy Glue.  Don’t worry, you won’t be arming your kids with lethal weapons — the guns are only designed to shoot either LEGO bricks or rubber bands, making them relatively safe.  Barring, of course, that you get bricked in the nuts or rubber banded in the eye.

Badass LEGO Guns is a paperback book, made up of 240 pages of artillery-building lessons.  That’s 240 pages to teach the construction of only five different guns, so you can imagine how involved each process has to be (and how detailed the instructions probably are).   Patience and lots of free time required.

All five of the guns you will learn to build are functional, so you can use them to protect your home from intruders (probably not a good idea) or stage an office warfare showdown (excellent idea, unless the boss is in town).  They consist of the Thriller (a crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms), the Parabella (a small rubber-band shooter), the Warbeast (a fully-automatic bullpup submachine gun), the Liliputt (a semi-automatic pistol with a nine-brick magazine) and the Mini-Thriller (a smaller, folding version of the above crossbow pistol).

The book is available from Amazon, priced at $17.97.
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