Badboot Is A 400-Foot Floating Pool

Just when you thought the Hot Tub Boat was awesome, the Badboot makes it look like child’s play.  I mean, a boat that doubles as a floating hot tub just pales in comparison to a ferry boat with a 400-foot long swimming pool on top of it.

We’re not sure if the converted ferry boat will remain operational on its own, which should be awesome — a giant swimming pool that you can transport from port to port.   Even if it isn’t, the entire thing is still a temporary floating attraction that you can haul with a big ship from one location to the next, which should be plenty exciting.

A project for the City of Antwerp in the Netherlands, the Badboot will be a part of a new facility that can host 600 people.  Aside from the monster pool, the structure will include lounge areas, a restaurant and bar, and other amenities.  A reedbed water purification system will be installed to clean water from the outdoor pool, along with a buffering hold under the pool to keep the water temperature warm.  During winters, the pool will be frozen into an ice rink.

The Badboot  (which roughly translates to “bathing boat” in English) is currently in development, with construction started last February.