Bag Cap Puts Spout And Lid On Your Pouches

Does the world really need another bag resealing solution?  We’re not sure.  This Copco Bag Cap, though, takes chip clips to the next level, adding a resealable spout with a pop-top lid to the mouth of your half-finished bag of Lay’s.

Instead of having to fold the pouches and close down with clips, the accessory replaces the bag’s mouth entirely.  It stays on the whole time until you finish the lot  — you just need to lift the lid to draw from the bag’s contents and close back down when you’re done.

The Bag Cap uses a two part system with the inner part installing around the bag’s opening (giving it a firm spout) and the outer component providing a lid that pops in place.  Made from silicon rubber (so it’s a little stretchy), it comes in two sizes: medium for regular bags and large for those monster-sized family packs.  Most any type of bag can be fitted with the accessory, so you can seal more than just unfinished chips — you can use it for candies, vegetables, grains and leftovers just as capably.

If you ever wished your plastic bags had a firm spout instead of a loose mouth, I don’t think there’s ever been a better solution than the Copco Bag Cap.  Kind of pricey, though — $6.99 for the medium and $11.99 for the large.

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