Bag-Light SOI Illuminates That Dark Crevasse Inside Your Handbag

If you’re a woman, rummaging through your handbag is a ritual you’ve probably taken part in multiple times everyday.  Things piled in there just seem to become more elusive right at the point you need them, whether it’s a key when you’re at the door, a pen when you’re about to sign a check or your ringing cellphone.  The Bag-Light SOI could make that happen with less frequency.

A literal ball of light, the illuminating sphere will automatically light up when it senses a hand moving amidst the stash in your bag.  That way, you can see inside the bag a whole lot better, saving you from relying merely on your tactile senses when searching for something.  Once everything is at peace, it will turn itself off.

The Bag-Light SOI measures 2.2 cm tall and 7 cm right around the middle.  Built-in sensors trigger the bulb to light up whenever it detects motion or touch.  We’re not sure where they go, but there’s supposed to be a pair of 3V batteries hiding somewhere inside the lighting contraption’s bulbous frame.

In case you’re worried about having a broken light bulb in your bag, don’t be.  The transparent shell is actually hard plastic with sturdy construction to boot.  The product page says it’s “pleasing to the touch,” so we guess it never gets hot throughout use.

While designed for handbags, we’re pretty sure the Bag-Light SOI can bring the same illumination to a whole host of dark, cramped spaces, such as drawers, backpacks and random boxes.  It’s available from Design 3000, priced at €29.95 (around $40).

[Design3000 via Red Ferret]