Bagel Modernizes The Tape Measure With This Versatile New Tool


Tape measures are easy enough to use. You have to admit, though – it’s not perfect, making some measuring tasks a whole lot more challenging than others. Bagel, a digital tape measure, is looking to change that.

Instead of tape with size markings printed on it, it uses a string that you can use to measure length, height, and circumference, along with a 128 x 64 OLED display showing the exact measurements in either Imperial or Metric systems. No more counting tiny lines to get an exact number – just look at the screen and it tells you the exact length of string you’re currently using. The innovations don’t end there, either.


The Bagel also comes with a “wheel” mode that allows you to take measurements by simply moving the device along the surface. It, essentially, displays the distance the integrated wheel travels, making it easy enough to measure items using just one hand (or measure the entire length of a winding slot car track). For taking measurements in hard-to-reach areas, it comes with an ultrasonic sensor that can measure the distance from its location to a surface that you mark using the integrated laser pointer. It can measure up to 10 feet in string mode, up to 33 feet in wheel mode, and up to 16 feet using the ultrasonic sensor.


All measurements can be sent to an accompanying app over Bluetooth, so you can have a record of each one saved in your phone. Features include an internal memory good for 100 measurements with voice memos, a battery rated at 8 hours of continuous use, and a string made from Dyneema so it won’t break from regular use.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Bagel. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $69.

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