Bagobago Backpack Has Built-In Chair For Instant Seating Anywhere You Go


Sure, you can carry a small folding chair in your backpack for those times you need to sit down and take a load off, but we doubt shrinking your pack space considerably is something you look forward to doing. If you’d still like to have a comfortable place to sit on anywhere you end up, you just might want to trade that backpack for a Bagobago instead.

A backpack designed to double as a stool, it lets you have a sturdy chair always on hand, so you can rest your tired legs comfortably at absolutely any time. Whether you’re hiking a backwoods trail, attending an outdoor festival, or waiting in line for the Apple Watch, this lets you pull out a functional stool while everybody else stands or plops down on the dirty ground.


BagoBago contains a durable frame inside the pack that you simply unfold when you need it to function as an instant seat. The frame is engineered to take up minimal space when collapsed, so the main compartment can still hold a generous 22 liters of stuff. Even better, the same frame is designed to help evenly distribute the weight of the pack, making it just a tad more comfortable to carry even with a full load.


To ensure it stands level on the floor, it comes with a quartet of legs on the bottom hidden under a removable cover. Just make sure to put the cover back on when carrying the backpack again, so the dirty legs don’t end up soiling your shirt. Other features include waterproof construction, a dedicated laptop area in the main compartment, a zippered front pocket, and two reticulated side pouches.

Available directly from their website, the Bagobago backpack chair is priced at €129.

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