Baguette Bag Straps A French Loaf Across Your Back

Hey, you carry a dedicated bag to hold your guitar and pool sticks; heck, you carry one when transporting half a dozen wines.  Might as well get one designed specifically for holding the bread you plan to have for lunch, right?  That will be a job for the Baguette Bag.

Surprisingly, this isn’t coming out of the baguette’s home country.  Instead, it’s by Ukraine-based CYAN, who designed the single-purpose bag with the sole life mission of carrying your fluffy loaf across your back.  And since that crispy baguette packs serious calories (888 calories in a 22-incher, according to the internet), you’re only allowed to carry one to keep away the temptation of eating too much.

The Baguette Bag is, basically, a sling bag that you can either throw over your shoulder or strap across your body, allowing you to bring home that long loaf right out of the bakery hands-free.  Because, let’s be real, carrying a 26-inch baguette in hand or under your armpit isn’t exactly convenient.  Plus, we have it on good authority that your armpit sweats and we doubt that’s ever good for the bread.

We can’t find details on how long the bag is, but it looks like it can fit even thicker loaves, so you can just leave the top open if you buy one of those extra-long 40-inch breads.  Construction is 100% cotton for the shell and lining, with a magnetic fastening closure.

Fashionable bread addicts, don’t rejoice yet — the Baguette Bag is not yet in production.  Instead, CYAN is running a crowdfunding project over at Wow Cracy, where you can place an advance order for the bag in either brown, yellow, green or gray.

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