A Single-Piece Shell Allows This Truck Camper To Weigh 50 Percent Lighter


Yes, you can buy a trailer to hitch to your truck to bring creature comforts in your camping adventures. Or you can just turn your pickup into a proper camper so you don’t need to tow an awkward trailer along. The Bahn Camper lets you do that without turning your truck into a heavy and ugly monstrosity.

A lightweight truck camper, it brings around half the total heft of most traditional units, with a shell that tips the scales at an average of 700 pounds (will vary depending on length). Much of that weight savings come courtesy of the camper’s core, which is cut in a single-piece combo of fiberglass and foam with absolutely no seams.


From there, the Bahn Camper is outfitted with a hydrophobic insulation layer to keep things toasty during the colder months of the year, then finished off with interior wall paneling and a custom T-slot framing system for easily mounting components inside the living space. Other standard features include dual rear doors, R-12 insulation, exterior lighting, marine-grade vinyl flooring, and a built-in tie-down system on the floor, with dual-pane windows, racks, and a rear deck available as options.


You can buy just the shell or have it outfitted as a fully-equipped camper, at which point they can add everything from climate control and hot water to a queen-sized bed and a composting toilet to a full service kitchen and a solar charging system. They can be built for most any type of pickup (short, long, and flatbed), although maximum length for the camper is limited to 16 feet.


Pricing for the Bahn Camper starts at $39,000.

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