Bajaboard G4X Is A Motorized Skateboard For Riding Through Off-Road Terrain


Motorized skateboards are great for short rides around the city. Take them anywhere else, though, and you’re bound to find yourself spending the time walking instead. Not the Bajaboard G4X, a powered skateboard designed to handle far rougher terrain.

See, unlike regular skateboards, it comes fitted with an independent double-wishbone suspension, allowing it to take its act straight to the off-road. Whether you’re riding through sandy beaches, muddy trails, or rocky terrain, this thing should get you across in one piece like a proper off-roader.


Aside from the unique suspension, the Bajaboard has a chassis backbone cut in aircraft-grade aluminum, adjustable spring shock absorbers with 60mm of travel, and 10-inch pneumatic tires to ensure it can handle any kind of off-road terrain. It’s powered by four high-torque electric motors, allowing it to ride at satisfying speeds of up to 31 mph, as well as climb steep hills with a 45 percent grade (all four motors need to be engaged, though). A rechargeable 900Wh battery feeds juice to the quartet of motors, giving it a range of up to 2.5 hours for plenty of fun in the wild outdoors.


Features include a 4:1 belt drive transmission, a wireless 2.4GHz handheld controller, a 10W LED headlight, a red tail light, and a maximum payload of 240 pounds, so you can ride this even with a full backpack in tow. Dimensions are 50 x 19.5 x 11 inches, making it compact enough to comfortably carry by hand.

Available now, the Bajaboard is priced at $3,999.

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