Baked By Melissa Lets You Design Your Own Mini-Cupcakes

Got a neat idea for a mini-cupcake for your holiday party, but have absolutely non-existent baking skills? Not a problem with Baked by Melissa’s new Create Your Own Cupcake system, which lets you “design” your own flavorful pastry before putting in an order.

Granted, you’ll be limited by the options available in-store.  But if you can let your imagination loose, you can come up with some colorfully scrumptious cupcake treats that are definitely more interesting than the typical fare you can get from a local store.

Create Your Own Cupcake gives you four areas to customize: cake type, icing, topping and stuffing.  You can literally create some funky pastries here, with plenty of choices in colors, flavors  and combinations.  The picture above actually shows sample cupcakes customers have ordered using the service, all of which look deliciously wicked.  Do note that these are bite-size mini-cupcakes, which would make for excellent party treats (and would be terrible to have on your desk if you’re trying to watch your weight).

The catch?  Baked by Melissa is only offering the custom service for orders of 300 pieces or more for each flavor you design.  Considering your predilection for sweet treats, we doubt that will be a problem.  Prices start at 90 cents per piece.

[Baked by Melissa]