Make Every Night Taco Night With This Baked Taco Shell Toaster


Making crunchy taco shells from fresh tortilla is easy enough if you have an oven in the kitchen. Like everything else in life, though, it can get even easier with a dedicated appliance on the job and making crispy taco shells is exactly what the Baked Taco Shell Toaster does.

Made by Nostalgia Electrics, it’s a single purpose countertop contraption that will turn fresh homemade flour and corn tortillas into hard-shelled tacos in just a few minutes. Just pair it with a tortilla maker (or buy a bunch of those premade soft tortillas at the grocery) and you can enjoy taco night every night of the week with the bare minimum amount of work. Taco Plates, prepare to see a lot of action.


At first glance, the Nostalgia Electrics Baked Taco Shell Toaster looks like a regular two-slice toaster for browning your morning bread, albeit with larger than usual compartments for slipping the bread into. Rather than breads, though, it’s actually designed to hold the included taco cages, which will automatically shape the tortilla you place inside of it. It can make two delicious hard shells in one go, with cooking time dependent on how well you want them done. Dimensions are just slightly larger than two-slice toasters at 13.25 x 7 x 8 inches (l x w x h), so it should be easy enough to find room in crowded kitchen countertops.

The Nostalgia Electrics Baked Taco Shell Toaster is available now, priced at $29.99.

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