Bakon Vodka Flavors Your Drink With Some Tasty Pig

Flavored vodka has never been my thing, but I’ve always said I’ll make an exception for one that tastes like roasted pig. The Bakon Vodka isn’t exactly luau fare, but I’m tempted to grab a bite. I mean a swig.

Need an excuse to drink in the morning? Uhh, I guess this will do. Dispensing of all that fruity-flavored mixes we usually find for the popular distilled liquor, this one’s laced with the meaty, savory and cholesterol-imbalancing taste of bacon. You can drop some on your salad in place of bacon bits, swig it with your toast or pour some right next to your fried eggs to start you off on the right foot.

The Bakon Vodka is made from fermented potatoes grown in Idaho and bequeathed with a wonderful, peppery bacon flavor. Its distillers take special pains to let you know it’s a “super-quality” potato vodka that is smooth and sightly sweet, with no burn or aftertaste.

Why can’t you just put crispy bacon in a blender and lace your Absolut with it? You can probably do that too. And don’t stop at bacon either. Throw in the cheese, half a pound of beef and buns with sesame seeds before cranking that 16-speed blender up. Make sure to drill it till the concoction is swimming in juices of fat before pouring a hint on your cocktail glass. Aaaahhh… bacon cheeseburger vodka.

You can grab a bottle of the Bakon Vodka for $30 a pop. Make sure to check out the website for cocktail recipes, in case our suggestion of using it to butter your toasts doesn’t quite grab your tastebuds.

[Bakon Vodka via Uncrate]