You Can Use The Ballantine Space Glass To Sip Whiskey In Zero Gravity


With space tourism likely to become a big industry in the coming years, mankind needs to discover better ways of partying in space. If we’re partying in zero gravity, enjoying alcohol without making a mess has to figure at the top of the list. The Ballantine Space Glass is equipped to do just that.

Instead of sucking your spirits from a straw, the glass lets you leisurely sip whiskey from a glass the same way you’d enjoy it from the end of the bar at your favorite watering hole. More importantly, you can do that without spilling the whiskey into the surrounding space and having it flying around in large blobs, regardless of how you’re floating in the weightlessness of space.


The Ballantine Space Glass is a plastic glass about the same size and shape as a stemless balloon glass, with a sealed top to prevent spillage, a one-way valve to fill it up, and a removable base that unscrews for easy cleaning. A magnet with a 22-pound pull is situated in the base, giving it a weighted feel even in the confines of space, with a rose gold coating on the inside providing large enough surface tension to keep the drink in place. When taking a sip, the whiskey travels up a spiral channel etched into the plastic, flowing through to the metallic mouth piece that mimics the cold feel of glass. According to Ballantine, the glasses have been tested at the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany to simulate its effectiveness when used in weightless surroundings.


Check out the video below to learn more.

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