Bamboo Original Puts Your Water Bottle On A Woody Shell

Looking for a more environment-conscious alternative to the old, reliable plastic water bottles?  Try the Bamboo Original bottle, a 17oz portable water container clad in a hard bamboo outer shell.

Created by the Bamboo Bottle Company, the drinking vessel takes the traditional plastic bottle design and updates it for minimal environmental impact.   Aside from the green credentials, the bamboo cylinder body looks unusually attractive, definitely a refreshing change from the familiar plastic containers we’re normally forced to settle with by default.

The Bamboo Original is a portable drinking container for hot and cold drinks, measuring 10.25 x 3.125 inches and bearing a storage capacity of 17oz.   While the name implies a bamboo make, it actually uses a variety of materials.  The outer shell is built from Moso bamboo, a species known for its particular stability, hardness and strength, while the removable interior is made from 60 percent recycled glass.  Cap, bottom and nut are constructed from BPA-free plastic, which is easily recyclable and can be conveniently turned in to your local recycling centers.

What about durability?  The glass container has been designed to be extra tough. Factor in the natural strength of the bamboo sleeve and the bottle should handily stay unscathed through heavy daily use.  Both the plastic parts and glass insert are dishwasher-safe, as well – just remove them from the body and dump them in the machine for cleaning.  The bamboo can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

Want a unique water bottle for the gym and  on the road?  The Bamboo Original is available now for $25.

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