Add Some Class To Your Home Office With The Bamboo Dry Erase Board


Like your dry erase boards with more natural materials?  This Bamboo Dry Erase board should be right up your alley, using a real bamboo panel for keeping your temporary notes.

It works much like any dry-erase board, where you can doodle daily reminders and messages for family members.  Save for the fact, of course, that it’s way more aesthetically-pleasing, saving your home from looking like the hallway of a small town office.

Two Bamboo Dry Erase styles are available, namely the Bare and Channel models.  Bare version consists on one dry erase surface and mounting hardware that allows you to hang it either in vertical or horizontal fashion.   It comes in two sizes – small (23.5 x 11.5 inches) and large (31.5 x 15.75 inches).

The Channel version, on the other hand, can only mount horizontally but also comes in the same two sizes as the Bare.  Instead of being just a dry-erase board, though, it doubles as an accessory hub, allowing you to use the manufacturer’s available accessories.  These include a dry-erase pen slot, hooks, a bamboo cup, a magnetic strip and magnets.

If you’re into eco- or tropics-themed home décor, the Bamboo Dry Erase should fit snugly right in  with your rattan furniture and bamboo dining table.   When you get tired of it, I heard bamboo makes for good stakes because it’s so sturdy.  Slice it up into knife-sized implements, build yourself a Vampire Defense Kit and begin calling yourself Buffy.

Price for the Bare version is $40 and $60, for the small and large, respectively.  The Channel version (with bundled accessories) is $70 and $100 apiece.

[Three By Three via Gizmodo]