Bamboo Tiki Bar Turns Your Backyard Into A Beachfront Paradise

If you’re going to set up an outdoor mini bar in the backyard, you might as well make it feel like you’re at a beach in some Polynesian paradise.  This Bamboo Tiki Bar should be the first thing on your shopping list.

Styled after those bamboo beach bars you see lined up across tropical beaches, the home alcohol station is constructed from 100% Anji Mountain bamboo.  Not only is the material  strong (5,000 lbs. greater than the tensile strength of steel), it’s been kiln-dried to remove any excess moisture, resulting in a body that’s completely weatherproof.  Come rain, shine or a plague of insects, you can stay safe and comfy under its bamboo-tiled roof.

The Genuine Bamboo Tiki Bar features a bar top that measures 61 x 34 inches, providing enough space for up to four people willing to squeeze in just a little tight.  It comes with handrails, a long-panel bamboo footrest and a pair of bamboo stools — just like a real beach bar.  As for actual bartending equipment, you get a hanging stemware rack (for up to 15 wine glasses) and a 33-inch cabinet hidden under the bar top, complete with shelf racks for organizing all your drinking supplies.

Sure, you’ll probably do best decorating the backyard with a few more island favors to create a real tropical feel, but the Genuine Bamboo Tiki Bar is definitely a good start.  Just don’t forget to make a bunch of fruity drinks mixed with cheap rum to get everyone drunk island-style, too.  It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $499.95.