Bambu Pet Hammock Gives Your Dog A Stylish Bed

While dogs will gladly nap on any raggedy pillow you set on the floor, such mindless decisions are also guaranteed to shave off points from your home’s décor.  Let’s face it: most pet beds are an eyesore that belongs in the backyard, not the living room.  If you want to give Fido his own space while maintaining your home’s stylish ways, you can’t go wrong with the Bambu Pet Hammock.

Created by Pet Lounge Studios, it’s a swanky-looking hammock that’s intended to play nice with all the other pieces of furniture you’ve got strewn around your digs.  In fact, people are more likely to mistake it for a hammock-styled stool than your mutt’s bunk.  That is, until your little, territorial demon dog starts gnawing at their ankles until they get off.

The Bambu Pet Hammock is made from exotic strands of bamboo, whose appearance looks like a lovely cross between teak and rich mahogany.  It features a four-post frame that holds the stretched ultra-suede cushion using stainless steel anchors and carabineers.  The frame suspends the dog’s sleeping area about 8 inches from the floor, with the actual bed area measuring 27 x 21 inches (l x w).  It can only hold pets weighing 30 lbs. and below, though, so you might need to find something else for your German Shepherd to sleep in.

Pet Lounge Studios is currently trying to get backers going for the Bambu Pet Hammock, along with an accompanying elevated diner bowl (so your dog doesn’t have to get off the hammock to eat) on Kickstarter.   You can reserve one of the hammocks right now for a $125 pledge.