This Banana Holder Mounts A Fruit To Your Bike’s Handlebars

You like  keeping a banana around to snack on as you make your way through the day.  Sure, you can slip it in a bag to reach for later when hunger hits, but why not strap it somewhere for easy access with this Banana Holder?

That’s right, someone made a mounting strap that’s custom-designed to hold a banana.  No more getting your bananas squished in a backpack or wrapping them up in a brown bag — your yellow, pulpy fruit can be comfortably mounted any place where you can wrap the straps around.

Created by Biken, the Banana Holder is made from genuine leather, making for a durable and classy mounting compartment to keep your banana readily on tap.  It’s designed to attach to a bike’s handlebars and frame for quick access to a fruit snack while riding, although it can be strapped to a waist belt when you decide to ditch the bike and go around on foot.  Dimensions are 4.5 x 7 inches (w x h), with a compartment fit to hold a regular-sized banana.

While designed for bananas, it looks like the Banana Holder can mount, pretty much, any object with similar dimensions, so you can use it to carry an energy bar, a brownie, or a wafflesicle if that’s what you’re into.   It’s available from Etsy, priced at $55.

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