Banana Pool Table: This Game Is Bananas

You like bananas.  They’re long and yellow and they don’t pack too many calories.  They’re awesome.  And you love pool, too.  In fact, you’ve thought about getting one of those Mustang Pool Tables for the game room.  A car-themed pool table, though, just isn’t you.  You know what is?  This Banana Pool Table.

Handmade by British artist Cleon Daniel, it’s a whimsical pool table clad in the unmistakable curvy likeness of a banana.  Everything from the shape to the color is designed to make it look like a delicious ripe Cavendish banana, making it quite the fun addition to any home’s leisure space.

Because of the unusual shape, the Banana Pool Table is as far from a regulation pool table as you can get, so it will likely require some adjustment in your cue game.   The entire playing surface, for instance, follows the curving banana shape requiring you to rely on banking or spinning skills to get the balls from one end to another.   It does come with four pockets (two on either end, two along the body of the banana), so it retains some amount of familiarity with a standard pool set.   It comes with 10 brown balls, one white ball, and one yellow, so we’re not actually sure what game to play with it.  We’re guessing you can use standard billiard balls, too, if you’d rather play with those instead.

Construction is hardwood for the table frame, with seven legs to sufficiently support the unusual shape.  Instead of felt, the playing surface is clad in leather, with solid brass plates for the pockets.

The Banana Pool Table is available now, priced at £12,000.

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