Bandit Helps You Draw Straight Lines, Shoot Rubber Bands After

Fancy rulers with all sorts of cutouts along the body are usually intended for activites that involve drawing fancy stuff on a drafting board.  Not the Bandit.  Instead, all those  cutouts and indents serve one purpose: for use as a rubber band launcher.

Designed by Sebastian Bergne, this fancy-looking school supply is nothing more than a toy to fling rubber bands at people.  So you can shoot them in the eye to temporarily blind them before whacking them in the face with the ruler.  Or something similarly senseless and violent while you talk a lot.  Because that’s how you roll and your life is like a never-ending Quentin Tarantino movie.

The Bandit is a yellow plastic ruler measuring 2 x  0.5 x  0.3 cm (h x w x d).  Yes, you can use it for measuring stuff and drawing straight lines like you used to back in grade school, but we doubt that’s why you’re going to buy this one.

Instead, you’re going to get one because you like turning elastic bands into air-soaring projectiles, which it should accomplish very nicely.  It’s got three notches for adjusting the level of stretch  and a cleverly-designed trigger mechanism (the thing that looks like a hammerhead cutout on one end).  Just press on the rear part of the cutout to send the rubber bands ricocheting.

Word of advice: the Bandit is strictly a lightweight rubber band shooter.  If you’re going to go to war, you probably need something like this Gatling Gun.  Or you can just grow up and quit playing with rubber bands altogether.  Nah, that will be the day.  You can get one now for £18.