Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 Offers A Premium Option For Travel Headphones

If you’re loaded enough to have a Bang & Olufsen TV, speaker system, and universal remote, we have a feeling you’re not in the market for a $99 pair of travel headphones. No, you want something much nicer than that. You know, something like the Bang & Olufsen H95.

A premium pair of travel headphones, these wireless cans bring B&O’s audio expertise to your travel gear, allowing you to enjoy the outfit’s vaunted high-end sound once you resume all that business travel you used to do before the world went awry. Granted, they look a tad bigger than your usual travel headphones (just a bit), but you do get a good range of features for that bit of extra size.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 are over-the-ear headphones equipped with two neodymium-based 40mm titanium drivers that, the outfit claims, have been customized to improve sound precision and increase the low frequency response, while a proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) engine optimizes the acoustic signals to deliver the same signature sound you can find in the outfit’s numerous audio products. Suffice to say, this is engineered to deliver a great listening experience, whether you’re playing music from a dedicated hi-fi device, the music library on your smartphone, or your music streaming app of choice.

Because people’s chatter, plane engines, and a whole host of other things create unwanted noise during travel, the headphones come with active noise cancellation that picks up outside noise using four microphones and eliminates them, ensuring your favorite playlist isn’t accompanied by the annoying noises of your surroundings. According to the outfit, it’s the most advanced active noise cancellation system they’ve made yet, ensuring it can tune out a whole load of ambient noise that will otherwise detract from your listening experience.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 has a total of eight microphones: four for the noise cancellation and another four for voice calls, with the latter filtering all the sound it picks up through an advanced noise reduction mechanism that enhances voice clarity and reduces background noise. It comes with Bluetooth 5.1, with support for SBC, AAC,  and aptX adaptive codecs, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack, in case you want to listen to music but forgot to charge the battery when you went to bed last night. Speaking of battery, the onboard unit can keep it running for up to 38 hours with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation running, although you can stretch that to 50 hours with active noise cancellation turned off.

As with the outfit’s other products, this one is clad in top-end materials. The frame, for instance, is cut in brushed aluminum, while the headband is covered in plush leather and the memory foam ear pads are covered in lambskin. As with other travel headphones, this is designed to fold into a more compact size for convenient transit, although in this instance, only the cans themselves fold, rather than the headband, so it’s not quite as compact as other travel headphones you’ve probably tried.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 comes out September 10th, priced at $800.

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