Bar Desk: Your Workstation As A Home Bar


I’ve seen plenty of work desks that manage to hide an awful-looking tower PC.  I think we’ve lived with large PC rigs long enough to have evolved a suitable solution for the eyesore they cause.  However, I doubt I’ve seen anything as metropolitan and refined as this Bar-Style Desk, which is exactly how a 1960s space-age bachelor pad workstation would have looked like if they had computers back in the day.

Supposedly built from IKEA components, this bar desk not only hides your bulky gaming rigs, but makes really swell use of tight spaces next to a wall.  It’s one of the best space-saving workstation designs I’ve seen in a while, apart from being a great excuse for drinking while you’re on a PC (the bar made me feel like grabbing a bottle).  Plus, if you’re one of those fat fitness-conscious guys who like to use a PC standing to lose weight, the height looks good enough to allow it.

According to what can be made out of the showcase site (it’s in Swedish), the creator used medium-density fiber boards to build the set.  The tower is cleverly hidden within the bottom cabinet (which, I must say, is measured to perfection), while any cables make their way around the back.  The LCD is hoisted up using standard VESA mounts. I have doubts about how comfortable that bar stool is (especially for drawn-out gaming sessions) but I don’t think they make bar-height office chairs yet, so it’s probably the best you can get.

Don’t you feel just a little depressed about your home workstation now?

[Ikea via Unpluggd]