Bar10der Puts 10 Mixology Tools In A Swiss Knife Case

Remember the Eatensil, which combined seven utensils in a single Swiss Knife-style case?  The Bar10Der is its barmaid cousin, fitting a generous 10 bartending essentials into a single fold-out frame.

Designed for mobile bartenders who feel like mixing up a cocktail while killing time in the beach or a campsite, it literally puts a  drink-making set in your pocket.  That way, you can save all that space in your bag for your alcohol, mixers and ice, letting you hold impromptu cocktail parties whenever you’re in the mood.  Finally, you can leave home without your Meehan Utility Bar Bag in tow and not feel like you’re missing a limb (unless, of course, you actually cut off a limb, which won’t make any sense).

Utilizing the same swing-out mechanisms as classic pocket multi-tools, the Bar10der manages to cram a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a reamer, a channel knife, a standard knife, a jigger, a muddler, a stirrer and a strainer into a compact case.  With all tools filed in, it measures just 8.75 x 1 inches, ensuring it slips into a spare pants pocket without any problem.

Most of the tools are crafted in stainless steel (with occasional BPA-free plastic thrown in), ensuring the set can hold up to your most rugged mixology moves.   Granted, we doubt it’s as easy to use as proper-size set, but this should tide you over capably until you have access to your fully-equipped home bar once again.

The Bar10der is available from Uncommon Goods in a variety of accent colors (green, blue, orange and purple), priced at $50.

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