Could this Barbie Mariah Carey Doll Be All You Want for Christmas?

Every Christmas, we hear the same songs over and over. You hear a couple tunes from the 60s. A pair of songs from the 70s. A new Christmas single here and there. And, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You.” In fact, there’s probably no single song that’s played more during the holidays than that 1994 ditty, forever associating the melismatic singer with the cheerful vibes of the holiday season. That’s why the Barbie Mariah Carey Doll makes so much sense just in time for this year’s festivities.

That’s right, the “Queen of Christmas” just got her own Barbie doll, so you can tell Alexa to play her holiday hit, while making your Mariah Carey doll perform it on the tabletop. Does it actually look like Mariah Carey? Eh, there may be a passing semblance if you squint hard enough. At any rate, it’s probably the best Mariah Carey you can get in Barbie form until the day they make custom-molds for each one, so we’ll take it.

The Barbie Mariah Carey Doll is an erstwhile standard Barbie doll, so you get a doll that’s made from a mix of vinyl compound, EVA, ABS, PVC, and PP. We don’t know the articulation points for this particular doll, but they seem to have removed the articulation on the knees (so Mariah can show off her legs unblemished, of course), while retaining most everything else. That means, you can cast in her various performing poses, delivering her biggest hits for legion of fans.

Her hair is done in the same long, wavy, and glamorous locks that Mariah has worn for the better part of her time in the limelight, which is greatly complemented by her large silver earrings. For her outfit, she’s donned in a glittering red gown cut in a flattering silhouette, with a ruched overlay at the hips, a long hem slit to show off that non-articulated knee on her right leg, and matching red heels. It also comes with a microphone accessory, so she’s ready to belt out at the top of her lungs, and a silver butterfly ring on her finger.

The Barbie Mariah Carey Doll is shipped in a box with a winter holiday background to make sure you know it’s the Queen of Christmas in your hands as soon as you take it out of the package. It comes with a stand, too, so you can pose it upright on any shelf or display case, giving you plenty of options in how you’re going to show your new holiday-themed doll.

While we probably won’t include it in our list of best toys for this holiday season (we’re guessing kids won’t know too much about Miss Carey), this is definitely a collectible that’s going to get a lot of attention during the holidays. We can’t imagine any Barbie collectors or Mariah fans not wanting to snag one of these dolls, especially with its rather unusual Christmas theme.

Want one? The Barbie Mariah Carey Doll is available now.

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