Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With Noise And Freshly-Brewed Coffee


A bedside alarm clock can do a lot to wake you up in the morning, but wouldn’t it be better if that alarm clock served you a hot cup of coffee to go with that annoying ringtone? That’s the idea behind the Barisieur, an alarm clock with an integrated pour-over coffee brewer that can prepare you a hot cup before waking you up.

Designed by UK-based Josh Renouf, it, literally, combines a digital table clock with a coffee maker, making for a perfect morning bedside companion. That way, you don’t have to muster the resolve to walk all the way to the kitchen for a hit of caffeine while still groggy and dazed – just reach over to the top of the clock and pick up the cup to take a sip (we suggest getting up from bed, unless you want hot coffee burning your face).


The Barsieur Coffee Alarm Clock started out as a mere concept, so there aren’t clear details about how it actually works. All we know is, there will be a hidden induction plate to deliver the heating mechanism, along with an integrated vial for milk and drawers for sugar and coffee grounds. We’re hoping you can prepare the setup before going to bed (e.g. put water on the chamber and grounds on the strainer), so that the system can cook and prepare a cup before firing off the alarm. That way, you wake up to both a ringing noise and the smell of delicious coffee right next to the bed. Now, who’s going to snooze from that?


Work is currently ongoing to turn the Barsieur Coffee Alarm Clock into an actual product. Pricing is estimated between £200 and £250.

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