Dress Up Like An Outlaw With This Gunslinger Jacket From Red Dead Redemption 2


Like many of us, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of the past month playing Red Dead Redemption II, exploring the American outdoors on horseback as an outlaw during the tail end of the Wild West era. And if you played the game, chances are, you’ve developed some type of bond with Rockstar’s newest anti-hero protagonist. Well, you can make that bond even stronger by dressing up in the same threads our outlaw cowboy donned in the game with the Barking Irons RDR2 Gunslinger Jacket.

That’s right, Rockstar Games partnered with Barking Irons to bring one of Arthur Morgan’s outerwear options into people’s real-life wardrobe, so you can dress like the longtime member of the Van der Linde gang in your everyday existence. We know, it’s a look that seems more suited to riding horses, stealing carriages, and fighting off Pinkertons on a regular basis, but the jacket definitely looks good enough that you can wear it to the office, to the local bar, or to the grocery when you go to pick up a tin can of chewable tobacco.


The Barking Irons RDR2 Gunslinger Jacket is made from a water-resistant 10.10-ounce waxed cotton canvas with a premium leather top collar, so it can keep you dry and reasonably toasty during the rainy days of the year. Fortunately, jackets are among the few garments that very rarely fall out of fashion, which makes this style from 1899 look as suited to modern sartorial conventions. Seriously, you can pair this with most any outfit you currently have in your wardrobe and not look out of place, all while being the perfect piece to add to your cowboy ensemble (it’s definitely better than Fruit of the Loom’s Cowboy Sweatsuit). You know, just in case some of the people you play Red Dead Online with want to meet up in someone’s backyard with a Cowboy Cauldron pit on it.


The wax coating, by the way, is designed to crease and mark with wear, which should make it look like the ravaged pieces of clothing you see Arthur slip on in the game. Naturally, it comes with a variety of Red Dead Redemption branding including an Arthur Morgan print on the collar, a Van der Linde print on the inside pocket, and a Rockstar Games insignia inside the jacket. And yes, you can get it in various sizes, so you need not be as muscular as Arthur to enjoy a snug fit.


Aside from the RDR2 Gunslinger Jacket, Barking Irons is also selling other clothing and accessories from the game. Garments include an indigo Denim Chore Shirt, a blue-striped Everyday Shirt, a navy-striped Railroad Shirt, and a bone white Union Henley. If you’d prefer an RDR2 accessory, the collection includes three bags, namely a field tan saddle bag, a large white tote, and a riding duffel. All pieces come with RDR2 branding, of course, in case you want to show off to everyone just how dedicated you are to the game.

The Barking Irons RDR2 Gunslinger Jacket is priced at $250, with the rest of the pieces going from $92 to $150 for the tops and from $75 to $325 for the bags. Yeah, it’s not cheap being a cowboy.

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