Barrelly Made It Makes Furniture Out Of Oak Wine Barrels

Like your furniture the way you like your liver?  You know, the kind that’s seen plenty of alcohol during its heyday.  That’s exactly what you’ll get with Barrelly Made It’s line of home furnishings made from upcycled wine barrels.

Crafted by Swedish artist Gustaf Anders Rooth and his team down in Southern California, the outfit produces each high-quality furniture from repurposed French oak wine barrels.  Ninety-nine percent of each barrel is completely recycled, so you can pair some treehugging smugness to go with your comfortable and stylish chattel.

Barrely Made It currently makes five different articles of furnishings: chairs (37 x 30 x 36 inches), tables (18 x 22 inches), ottomans (16 x 23 x 30 inches), benches (20 x 38 x 18 inches) and bar stools (33 x 18 x 14 inches).  All are built by hand, using various parts scrounged up from wine casks that have seen better days.  Each part is cleaned, cut, sanded and strategically employed in the construction, taking advantage of the material’s natural curves.

Gustaf says the creations are as much an art as they are functional pieces for the home, so expect a bit more style and elegance compared to your standard pickup from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Each article is signed and numbered, too, so it’s a totally high-brow purchase you can brag about among your wealthy friends.  That’s assuming you even have any friends, though, which I doubt. J/K guys, I am here for you if you need me.

Pricing for Barrelly Made It’s products start at $420  for the tables and top out at $985 for the chairs, with the rest of the ensemble going for $450 apiece.  The group is also branching into less-sizeable pieces, including wine racks, chess sets and a selection of sushi trays.  They’re currently available from select stores in the California area (you can see the list of shops from the website).

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