Turn Your Corn Into A Baseball Bat With This Clever Corn Holder


Ever looked at a corn on the cob and wished you can carry it around like a baseball bat? Probably not. Regardless, they’re letting you do it anyway with the Baseball Bat Corn Holders.

That’s right, you can now turn an erstwhile boring but delicious corn on the cob into a mini-baseball bat that you can use to hit balls, crack heads, and destroy everything in sight. Just kidding, since it’s not quite as hard or heavy as an actual baseball, so it’s probably best to just use it as a way to hold your corn without getting your hand covered in butter and salt.


The Baseball Bat Corn Holder consists of two pieces: one shaped like a baseball bat handle and another shaped like the top of the bat. Both attach to the corn using a screw-like tip that you drill into the cob, with the handle going on the wide end of the corn and the top going on the narrow tip. Yes, there’s going to be some elbow-grease involved when attaching this thing, so prepare to spend a few seconds turning the attachments over and over with some force. In case you just want a way to hold the cob without the corn, by the way, you can totally skip attaching the top part, since the handle is all you really need, with the top section merely serving as way to complete the baseball bat aesthetic.


Do note, if you want to make it look like a legit baseball bat similar to the product photos, you may want to chop off both ends of the corn. That way, you get flat surfaces where the attachments can append in a flush manner, making for a more aesthetic way to munch on some boiled corn on the cob.

Sold in sets of two, the Baseball Bat Corn Holder is available now.

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