Baseball Bat Flashlight Lights The Way While You Bash Everything In Sight

Back when I started driving, I always looked at the Maglite in my glove compartment as a potential weapon in case an impromptu traffic spat occurred on the road.  It’s got enough size, enough hardness and enough strength to really crack a bone on someone’s face if you smash with enough force.   But I’d probably trade the toughest flashlight in a heartbeat for one of these Baseball Bat Flashlights.

Yes, it’s a flashlight clad in the shape of a baseball bat.  That way, you don’t have to bother improvising it as a bludgeoning weapon — it’s already built to be one, along with the latent ability for spot illumination.

Want to intimidate someone?  Measuring 23 inches long (it’s also available in shorter 15-inch versions), the Baseball Bat Flashlight should be moderately scary, especially if you’re holding it with a deranged look on your face (you know, the kind you get every time the boss messes with your work at the office).  Want to really hurt someone?  This can do the trick, too, with its heavy-duty hard aluminum body ready to bludgeon with a swing.

The flashlight part comes with a 3-watt LED, ready to brighten up a spot from the top of the bat.  It runs on three C-size batteries, with a runtime of 4.5 hours and a max range of 450 feet.  No word on how smashing objects will affect the flashlight, but that doesn’t really change the awesomeness of it all.

The Baseball Bat Flashlight is available now, priced at $45.95.

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