Bathe In The Smell Of Leather With The Baseball Glove Scented Soap


Do you remember a friend from childhood who loved putting his face into his baseball gloves, snorting the aroma of that leather mixed with dirt and sweat from hours of play? If you’ve remained friends and you’re stumped about what gift to give that person this holiday season, look no further than this Baseball Glove Scented Soap.

Designed to dig up childhood memories of summers playing tee-ball or pitching at the park, it covers you in the unmistakable scent of leather baseball gloves. That way, you can reminisce about your younger days while lathering up in the shower, hopefully putting a smile on your face and leaving you ready for another tumultuous day at the office. Yeah, your work sucks.

Made by Athletes Brand, the Baseball Glove Scented Soap is a 3-ounce bar that you can place in the soap dish when that Gamer Soap you’ve been using for the last month finally runs out. Or better yet, you can place it in a leather baseball glove, so you can have soap that smells like a glove on a glove. Sure, you’ll probably ruin the mitt (better use a cheap one), but imagine the awesome looks that will get when guests ask to use your bathroom.

Available now, the Baseball Glove Scented Soap retails for $6.95. For best effect, bathe twice using this the first go and the Dogfish Head Beer Soap the next. Congratulations, you now smell like a leather baseball glove that Dad spilled his beer on at the backyard barbecue.

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