With The Baselamp, You Can Turn Any Household Item Into A Decorative Lamp


While it looks nothing more than a simple wooden brick with a LED installed on it, the Baselamp is actually a tabletop piece that can turn a whole host of household objects into a decorative lighting element. Seriously. Just place whatever object you want on top of the illuminated area and you’re done, with an all-new custom lamp ready to outfit any corner of your digs.

Made by the Luke Lamp Company, you can use the contraption bare, allowing it to spread its light upwards and around the surrounding space. When you feel like getting creative, you can experiment placing objects on top of the light to change its appearance. Want to turn your empty bottle of beer into a decorative lamp? Just place it on top. What about illuminating that jellyfish glass sculpture you have on the shelf? Yep, this will work. How about diffusing the light towards a different direction? Maybe throw some mirrors on there and enjoy.


Baselamp measures about the size of a small tablet at 6.5 x 4 x 1 inches, with a wooden body (your choice of bamboo or solid walnut) designed to lay flat on a table surface. There are two round cutouts on the top of the wood: one for the 410-lumen LED bulb with a Makrolon Lumen XT LED diffuser and a smaller one for the touch-capacitive dimmer switch, so you can adjust the brightness depending on your intended purpose for the lamp. An aluminum heatsink at the base allows you to keep it switched on for hours without overheating.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Baselamp. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $99.

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