Leather Bat Bow Tie Or A Hair Accessory, It’s Cool Either Way

Granted, these Bat Bows were intended to be worn as a hair accessory for women.  But they look so perfect as a Batman-inspired bow tie that we can’t help but imagine putting it on to adorn a formal tux, too.  Like you’re Bruce Wayne dropping subtle hints about your secret identity.

We don’t know that many ladies who will actually be caught dead accessorizing in Batman merchandise, but for those that will, these look glorious.  It’s, like, instant-Batgirl without the need to put on a ridiculous costume.  Perfect, when you want to accompany the boyfriend to a comic book convention and he wants you to dress up (because he’s wearing a Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit and carrying a Bat Pack for all his loot) but you don’t really feel like trying.  Don’t worry, your pain is not unwarranted.

The Bat Bows are made from leather, with alligator clips for easily putting on and taking off.  Yeah, alligator clips sound like they will be difficult to pull off with a formal suit attire, but how many Batman fanboys do you know who won’t give it their hardest effort?   It measures 3 inches long, with the metal clip measuring 1.8 inches.

Available from Etsy seller Dulcecalaveritas, the Bat Bows retail for $5 each .  They also have a larger, shiny $6 version that may be a bit too gaudy for a formal suit (but still would look great on a girl’s hair).

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