This Bathtub Champagne Chiller Looks Convenient

You live a charmed life.  Your life is so awesome, you’ve been popping open at least one champagne bottle everyday in celebration of your successes.  And the good news comes all the time, too — while you’re sleeping, while putting on your door stop, while you’re trash-talking a 12 year old child on COD.  This Bathtub Champagne Chiller makes sure you’re ready to celebrate when another great news comes while you’re soaking in suds.

Even if you’re only half as charmed, this accessory should prove just as useful.  Provided you have a bathtub, of course (a crystal bathtub if you’re a really charmed one).  If you don’t, then you’re probably just a quarter as charmed. Or not at all.  Poor you.  Now, stand on the side of a mountain and curse the gods for your bad fortune.

The Bathtub Champagne Chiller is a bucket chiller with a clamping mechanism designed to attach to the edges of a tub.  Made from frosted acrylic, the bucket measures 7 inches in diameter and can fit a full-sized bottle of wine for your bathroom drinking pleasure.   A chrome bracket holds the bucket in place while clamping onto edges between 4 and 7 inches in thickness.  And just in case you’re worried about scratching the tub, the bracket comes with vinyl pads to avoid just that.

Not expecting anything to celebrate while you play with Mr. Ducky in the bubble bath?  No problem.  Ditch the champagne and put some red wine in there for your “end of the day” stress relief.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Bathtub Champagne Chiller available now, priced at $49.95.