BB Billosaur: A Piggy Bank For Grownups


Once you’ve grown up, keeping a piggy bank around just feels silly.  Even a more adult coin bank isn’t all that flattering.  I mean, do you even online bank, bro?  Still, there’s a certain joy in physically inserting money every day into a figurine with a hollow interior.  Maybe the BB Billosaur will let you enjoy it without feeling totally childish.

Made by Lemouton Noir & Co, it’s a piggy bank for adults.  Well, adults who like to keep piles of cash around instead of making bank deposits or investing it in a Fonzi scheme. Since it’s designed for grown individuals, the contraption holds rolled bills in place of coins, allowing you to store a pile of Benjamins in preparation for a rainy day.

Rather than being clad in the form of a pig, the BB Billosaur actually looks like an egg with small feet to keep it upright.  A vertical row of holes where you can insert bills are punched in the middle of the figure, which you can plug with included corks to turn it into a Stegasaurus-like creature.  It measures 6.5 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter so it can hold enough paper to help you save up a considerable amount.

Each BB Billosaur is handmade with ceramic construction, so you can break it into pieces just like the piggy banks of your youth when you need emergency cash after you blow up this month’s paycheck making it rain during your best friend’s bachelor party.  It’s available now, priced at $39.

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