BBQ Bucket Kit Gets You Ready For Anywhere, Anytime Grilling

When it comes to portable grills, there’s no shortage in stylish options, such as the Fuego Element and the Darwin BBQ.  If those cleverly-designed outdoor cooking machines don’t quite mesh with your rugged, old-school style, this Ready To Cook BBQ Bucket just might.

A grill literally set up on a bucket, the compact barbecue solution contains all the equipment you need for cooking charred meat at the beach this summer.   It’s plenty easy to bring along, too — just pick it up by the handle like a regular water bucket and stroll down to the shore.

The Ready To Cook BBQ Bucket comes as a kit, with a galvanized grilling bucket, tongs, a box of matches, a half-kilo sack of charcoal and even a recipe booklet.  Because of the bucket shape, all charcoal and ashes stay  inside the container during and after cooking, making it a mess-free solution for outdoor, on-the-go grilling.

On the way to the beach, you can use it as a carrying container for your meat, as well as other small items.  And since it’s a bucket, you can even have the kids use it to build sand castles.  There are breathing holes in the bottom, though, so make sure to tell them to dump the sand quickly lest have it all trickle out.

Firebox has the Ready To Cook BBQ Bucket, priced at £29.99.

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