Everyone Hop Aboard The BBQ Train

Eating charred burgers and steaks is always fun. Cooking them to perfection isn’t. If you love playing locomotive in the backyard, the BBQ Train might make the grind of grilling your slices of cows and pigs just a little more tolerable.

Clad in a choo-choo train body, the fancy cooking implement bellows smoke from the chimney like a steam locomotive, so you can char the juicy meat while playing railway pilot. It sits on moving wheels too, so you can push it around the backyard, running over guests and knocking tables down. Clear the way, the train is coming.

The BBQ Train is a fully-functional mobile cooking machine, complete with a fire box, a smoker box and a grill tank. Boasting complete control over your grilling tasks, it comes with baffled compartments and smoke stacks. It’s made from heavy-gauge steel with a stainless steel trim too, so it’s armed for durability.  Do ask everyone to stay clear off the tracks when you’re pushing this thing – it’s gonna hurt. It’s been finished with heavy-temperature paint as well, so that black color should stick through innumerable cooking sessions.

Just like the BBQ Dragster, this thing could make for one quirky, crowd-attracting foodstall. In case you’re looking to make some extra cash, you can push it around the neighborhood peddling hotdogs or attach a trailer for hauling onto events too. Just don’t try getting it on actual railroad tracks because that’s stupid. Who the hell’s gonna buy burgers from there, the real train about to run you down?

Want it? The seller has the BBQ Train for $4,900 on eBay, with an optional brand new trailer for another $1,150.

[via Born Rich]