BCX Wendigo Is The Beastly Blade Of Destruction You Never Knew You Wanted


According to folklore, the Wendigo is a terrifying beast that was the embodiment of gluttony, greed, and excess, constantly killing and consuming human prey without satisfaction. We guess that description is just as apt for the Base Camp X Wendigo, a beastly chopping tool that looks unlike any blade in your melee arsenal.

Similar to a machete, it consists of a broad blade that you can use to perform all sorts of destructive actions, from hacking and chopping to prying and smashing. In fact, they’re billing it as a permanent replacement for the traditional hatchet, allowing you to perform any task you can do with a small axe using a much more convenient tool.


The Base Camp X Wendigo has a trapezoid-shaped blade that gives it a really unique look, with hand-forged 5160 high carbon steel construction ensuring it can handle heavy-duty work with relative ease. It comes in three blade sizes, 12 inches, 10 inches, and 8 inches, so you can equip yourself with just the right size for your particular preferences, along with a handle that’s covered in Rosewood scales.


Each one comes with a hand-cut leather sheath that can be fastened to your belt or pack using either the built-in loops or the strap-and-buckle attachment. Other features include a broad chisel tip for performing scraping tasks and a hammer pommel for crushing garlics and nuts.

Available now, the Base Camp X Wendigo is priced starting at $255.

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