Bean Bag Sled Softens Hard Landings And Icy Bumps

Use a bean bag for a sled?  We’re pretty sure someone, somewhere already did that.  We doubt they made it down the slope with a smile as big as that dude, though.  Man, that’s one big ass grin.  And all of it became possible because of the Bean Bag Sled.

Why bean bags?  Because bean bags are soft and cushy, absorbing the brunt of hard landings and icy bumps to save your crotch and posterior regions from taking damage.  And, yes, that’s the reason why you don’t have that kind of smile while riding your plastic sled down the ice.

The Bean Bag Sled is a soft-riding winter runner that’s built around a tube-shaped bean bag.  Measuring 63 x 15 x 13.25 inches, it can handle high-speed downhill runs for riders up to 220 lbs.  A strap attached via two D-rings on each of the front corners let you hold on for balance, with turns accomplished by simply leaning to either side.

The top and sides are constructed out of double-stitched PVC-coated polyester, with the bottom mesh decked in double-coated PVC for sliding through all that packed snow.  Inside, it uses an inflatable air bladder (which you’ll need to hand-pump) surrounded by thousands of those 2-mm polystyrene spheres they use in your Modular Bean Bag.

As a bonus, the Bean Bag Sled looks perfectly functional as a lounging chair for two while catching your breath at the foot of the slope.  Yeah, I think you should invite that girl nursing her lower back from a bad landing.  Bean Bag Sled is available now, priced at $299.95.