Bean Bags Go Modular With Tie-1-On

Just when you think you’re done with bean bags forever, something comes along that makes you want to dive into your dorm room staples once again.  This summer, that could be the Tie-1-On, slightly more stylish beanbag chairs that you can arrange to your liking.

Designed for modular use, the squishy seats come with rope on the corners that you can tie together to build beanbag couches of various forms.  Or beanbag beds.  Or, heck, beanbag sumo wrestler costumes if you can find a way to hang those things on your body.  Basically, you can arrange it like real couches (without the legs), so you end up with a more unified design.

The Tie-1-On beanbag chairs come in two main styles: a lounger with an equally squishy backrest and a squarish seat that you can use as an ottoman (while sitting in the loungey thingy).  Designed for outdoor use, the outers are constructed out of heavy-gauge, water-resistant polyester and PVC lining.  Like all bean bags, it’s got that oh-so-relaxing styrofoam bean filling that keeps your backside comfy.

The product page recommends tying “two chairs for a loveseat, three for a sofa.”  We guess six will do for a bed (maybe nine if you’re Charlie Sheen and you’ve got a pair of “goddesses” coming from the escort service).  if you’ve been looking for comfortable seats you can use to turn the pool side into an uber-sweet lounging area, this could very well fit the bill.

No matter how many years pass, bean bags will probably always be fun.  And the Tie-1-On extends that enjoyability with its sofa-like configurations.  They’re available now, priced at $300 for the chair/ottoman combo.