Use The Bear Hug Pillows To Sleep In The Arms Of Grizzlies And Pandas


Sleeping alone isn’t the greatest thing in the world. Sure, it’s fun after you just got out of a suffocating relationship, but after a while, all the feels just creep in. While the Bear Hug Pillow isn’t an adequate substitute for a warm shoulder to lean on, we imagine it’s a lot less depressing than the privacy pillow you’ve been laying your head on the last few months. Maybe, it’s more depressing, we’re not really sure…

Styled to look like a sleeping bear with an upper limb stretched out, it lets you rest your head on the loving arms of an inanimate beast.   Which, again, may be less depressing or more depressing than sleeping on a regular pillow, but should definitely make it more fun/confusing for anyone who decides to enter your bedroom without knocking.


The Bear Hug Pillows come in two styles: a grizzly and a panda. That way, you can sleep with a grizzly during the warmer months and switch to a panda through the rest, which should be more appropriate for the prevailing chill in the air. All the bears are sublimation-printed all-over style, so it makes for pretty realistic beastly sights. Aside from being huggable, those outstretched arms are also flexible (they come with bendy piping), so you can wrap them around your neck if you need a half-bear hug to squeeze the sorrows away. Each one measures 45 x 38 x 20.5 cm (w x h x d).


Available now, the Bear Hug Pillow is priced at £29.99 each.

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