Bearaby Travel Napper Brings The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets In A Travel-Friendly Size

Weighted blankets are great, with its ability to use deep touch pressure stimulation to help your nervous system relax, resulting in lower anxiety, relief from stress, and overall better sleep. As great as they are to use at home, they’re not exactly the most convenient to take on the go because of their large size and heavy constitution. Suffice to say, you can’t exactly pack one in your luggage during travel. The Bearaby Travel Napper changes that.

Designed for use on the go, the therapeutic bedding brings all the benefits of a standard gravity blanket, albeit in a smaller, more travel-friendly form. How travel-friendly? According to the outfit, it’s small enough that you can put it in a carry-on bag (admittedly, it will still take up a lot of space), so you can wrap yourself in a weighted cover that will keep you calm and relaxed throughout the duration of a flight.

The Bearaby Travel Napper measures 40 x 64 inches, which should make it large enough to cover most individuals, whether they’re lying down in bed, waiting at the terminal, or curling up in an airplane seat. And yes, it’s weighted, coming in at a substantial 10 pounds, allowing you to drape a satisfying amount of weight across your body any time you need it. At that weight, it’s heavy enough to provide the soothing sensation you get from traditional gravity blankets, all while being light enough to carry in your bag, whether you throw it on your carry-on, squeeze it in your luggage, or pack it in its own bag.

Aside from using during transit and hotel stays, the outfit claims it should also make a nice blanket to use at the office. Granted, we doubt your supervisors will appreciate seeing you curled up under a blanket in the middle of the workday, although they recommend laying it across your lap to help keep stress at bay while you go on the grind.

The Bearaby Travel Napper doesn’t use beads or plastic pellets the way traditional weighted blankets do. This allows it to be folded in a reasonably portable size, all while eliminating any potential cause of delay when you make your way through security checks at the airport, making it ideal for air travel. Instead of those weighted fillings, it adds heft by coming in a tightly-knitted construction that leaves it feeling thick and heavy. It’s made from organic long staple cotton that, the outfit claims, has been pre-washed to ensure a butter-like softness, all while using 85 percent less water than conventional cotton.

Each travel blanket comes with a duffel bag that you can use to carry it everywhere, although you should be able to fit it in whatever backpack, suitcase, or other bag you’re taking for the day. Do note, the blanket needs to be machine-washed separately on its own, with no fabric softeners or bleach, to ensure it maintains its characteristics. It also needs to be machine-dried (likely with multiple cycles), with special precautions about hang-drying, as that can stretch out the knitted loops and ruin the blanket.

The Bearaby Travel Napper is available now, priced at $209.

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